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Each Sunday we have a variety of ways to volunteer.

Ushers: Help hand out bulletins, greet, and collect offering.

Live Sound: Assist with turning the microphones on and off and controlling the sound.

Broadcast Sound: Assist with the sound and audio piece of the broadcast service on Facebook and YouTube.

Media: Direct the PowerPoint slides forward during songs and worship service.

Broadcast: Set up and run the back end of posting a live worship service on Facebook and YouTube and recording the service.

Communion Assistants: Hand out the bread, grape juice, and wine during communion on the second and fourth Sunday of the month.

Fellowship Treats: Bring the treats for people to enjoy between worship services.

Decorations/Flowers: Assist with the decorations around the church including changing banners and replacing alter flowers.

Drivers: Drive our elderly members to worship service and back.

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