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Our History


Community of Hope was started as a mission congregation by about thirty faithful believers. The mission developer/pastor was Pastor Muriel Peterson. Worship was initially held at Frog Pong Grange Hall on Stafford Road in the fall of 1991. The Church’s desire was to serve the Lord and the people of the community through the Love of Christ.

As our church grew, we moved to Boeckman Creek School and become officially organized in November of 1992. The congregation continued to grow, and in 1997 Pastor Peterson left to start a new church in Georgia. When Pastor Doug Adams came to Community of Hope in 1998, the church was looking for a permanent location. In 2000 we purchased our current four acre site on Stafford Road and built the first phase; a sanctuary and classroom hall. As the church grew with more children and adult ministries, we added the east wing classrooms in 2009.

Pastor Doug retired in 2018, and Pastor John Foss was called to serve at Hope. You can read a bit more about him on our staff and leadership page here.

We are grateful to the Lord that over the years we provide our church facility for our own use as well as community uses. What is still most important to us is our desire to serve the Lord and the people in our community through the Love of Christ and his blessings.

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