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NEW Adult Bible class with Pastor Gary Blumanthal: Sunday, April 16 through Sunday, May 21, 2023 at 9 am

The Holy Spirit – Who and Why

One of the greatest gifts given to you by God is the presence of the Holy Spirit who has many functions and purposes that work in the hearts of God’s people. Through the presence and power of the Holy Spirit believers are saved, filled, sealed and sanctified in God’s truth. In a 6-week Sunday morning class you will seek to better understand the mystery of the Trinity, form a foundational concept of who the Holy Spirit is and has done in the Old and New Testament and what the Holy Spirit is doing for the church/our lives today. This class will begin April 16 at 9 am in helping you to structure a better understanding of the who and why of the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit’s important presence among believers today.

Community of Hope has periodic adult Bible classes! You can watch replays of some of them on YouTube below.

  • Click HERE to watch the replays of the Winter 2023 class “The Miracles in the Gospel of John”
  • Click HERE to watch the replays of the Fall 2022 class “Basic Lutheran Beliefs”
  • Click HERE to watch the replays of the Spring 2022 class “How to Share Your Faith”
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