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Starting at 9 am on Sunday, January 8 through March 5, 2023: “The Miracles In The Gospel of John” with Pastor Gary Blumanthal 

The miracles/signs recorded in the Gospel of John open our eyes to who God is and how they call us to believe in Jesus. These miracles present the life force of Jesus to us and not only through his words but through what he does. We can hear Jesus say through these miracles, “I came that they may have life and have it abundantly” (John 10:10). In other words, Jesus has the power to transform people’s lives. Each of these 8 transforming miracles certainly have a meaning that speaks to our daily faith walk and affirms for us that Jesus is the Son of God who alone gives eternal life.

There will be time in each of these 9 weeks classes for questions and discussions beginning at 9 am on January 8 and ending March 5. It will also be video recorded so it can be watched on the CoH YouTube channel. Email Pastor Gary with any questions:

  • Click HERE to watch the replays of the class “The Miracles in the Gospel of John”
  • Click HERE to watch the replays of the Fall 2022 class “Basic Lutheran Beliefs”
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